A View on Time

Your dream just starts. You’re in your apartment and you have to get to the airport to catch a flight to Budapest and you’re late. You are constantly unsure if you locked the door behind you so you keep coming back to make sure. The dream ends. So, when the dream started, you already knew all the context of the dream: that you are you, that the strange apartment you were in was your apartment, that you were going to fly to Budapest, that today was that day etc. So right off the bat, you knew all the events that lead up to the point where your dream started. And, from the point of view of waking reality, all those events were “not real” and didn’t really happen in the past of your dream-self but simply were made up on the spot by the brain/mind. What if this is also the case for what happens in waking reality? What if there is only this moment and all our past is created now so that we have a context which we use to make the next choice?

In this moment you know you are Ka, a handsome, smart and modest guy with a fascination for nostrils born in the fabulous year of 1984, and in the next moment the same you is a deaf gypsy with 8 screaming kids living in 1201 Istanbul. In every moment the context changes drastically and you become completely immersed in the story of yet another fictive past. And this goes on beyond forever because there is no actual passing of time in this model. And sometimes you experience a you with the past of a smartass who just figured out all this time gimmick but right the next moment you become a Roman soldier killing some barbarian for land. So those wannabe epiphanies are merely dust in the wind and the time game keeps on playing by itself ad infinitum.